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Victor Consulting

Research, analysis, report writing, and political communication

Victor Consulting supports our clients to work to make the case for positive changes that benefit our clients and New Zealand as a whole.

We work with multinationals, New Zealand firms and business associations, as well as NGOs.

Our director, Clint Smith, uses his wealth of experience in the heart of politics - in policy creation, research, analysis, report writing, and communications - to help our clients have maximum impact with politicians and other stakeholders.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Building the case. Research, analysis, and report writing to help create the evidence-base for the change you are pursuing and communicate it in a form that is influential with politicians and other stakeholders.

  • Formulating and carrying out political media communications strategies - opinion pieces, media stories, and events - to get your issue heard and understood by decisionmakers.

  • Researching policy issues and legislation; writing submissions on legislation and consultations, as well as letters and briefings to Ministers and officials.

  • Designing and implementing government relations strategies that get results - identifying the key players and finding ways to align your needs with the Government's priorities and political imperatives.

  • Helping you form strong relationships decisionmakers and put your best case forward - including meeting politicians and other stakeholders, and working closely with key staff on your behalf.

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